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Transformation: Is it Too Late For the 50+ Crowd?

By Sue Reese Finlay

“Transformation is a thorough and complete change in the appearance or character of something or someone."

What is transformation, anyway?

Perhaps a good place to begin this conversation is with one of my all-time favorites, Dr. Wayne Dyer who breaks down the meaning of transformation into the following:

trans = to go beyond, to soar above

form = physical world, boundaries, body

transformation = going beyond your form, going beyond the limits of your body

Another way of putting it is, transformation is a thorough and complete change in the appearance or character of something or someone.

If you ask me, it sounds pretty exciting.

Consider the caterpillar for a moment. Her transformation into a beautiful butterfly is quite startling and magnificent.

And what about the packages of seeds that will soon be filling the shelves in anticipation of spring planting? Several years ago, as we became serious gardeners, we marveled how a tiny seed could turn into the most beautiful and perfectly formed flower, vegetable or fruit. We actually found it quite astounding. Something we had quite possibly taken for granted suddenly became a miracle in our eyes. As long as the tiny seeds received sunshine and water, were not choked out by weeds nor eaten by bugs, we were greatly rewarded with a bounteous harvest of ever-so-delicious fruit and veggies.

I believe we each have tucked inside of us the seeds of greatness, the seeds of purpose, the seeds of becoming ALL we are meant to be. I also believe it is NEVER too late to get those seeds nourished and growing.

Some people are afraid of expansion and growth. They are so used to the status quo that they would rather remain in the 'comfort of discomfort' than step outside of that and spread their wings.

I can relate to that. It can be pretty scary and uncomfortable. In fact, I've been experiencing dipping my toes in waters that seem a little chilly, a little deep, a little unfamiliar. Yet, what I am discovering is that once my toes are in, I actually want to run and jump all the way in!

Getting to that place of taking the first step takes a lot of courage. At least it does for me. What I'm realizing, though, is taking action brings momentum. And that, my friend, is where the adventure begins.

Our ceiling becomes our new floor, over and over again.

It's akin to the the feeling of pursuing the highly coveted and sought after fountain of youth, which brings a surge of renewed energy, vitality, confidence, and purpose into our lives.

If you're not constantly growing, expanding, and changing, then you're regressing. Period.

I'd like you to ponder something for a minute. What is one thing you've really been wanting to change or become inside your life? What are some circumstances that you've been "meaning" to change, or a relationship you've known for some time that it's time to let go? Somewhere along the way, "life happened" and you put those desires for change on the back burner.

Maybe the very foundation of your life was altered or shattered and you found yourself grasping onto ANYTHING to give you a sense of comfort and familiarity, even if it meant burying the once burning desire for change deeper and deeper inside of you.

Maybe you think you're too old or that it's too late. Maybe you've simply given up. Maybe you've told yourself that you've "always been this way and always will be," or that "everyone in our family is this way."

Maybe you don't have a clue where to begin.

Or maybe, just maybe, you simply don't give a damn anymore.

I get it. I can relate.

I have a feeling deep down inside of you, there's been a little voice that's been calling to you, and every now and then you actually hear it and begin entertaining the thought of, "What else is possible?"

My advice? Take action on those thoughts, ESPECIALLY if you're part of the 50+ crowd!


Sue Reese Finlay is passionate about taking the "roads less traveled" and shares from her personal journey of doing just that. From home birthing and homeschooling her five children when it wasn't the popular thing to do, to walking away from a life-long addiction to sugar and milk chocolate eight years ago, as well as walking away from her life-long religion and, most recently, her 30-year marriage, Sue knows first-hand what living a Life by Design truly means.  She is the creator/editor of Our Voices Magazine, is the host of the Life by Design 2019 Podcast, and loves her dream job with Wake Up Warrior.

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