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Suck It Up, Buttercup

Lynn DeBuhr Johnson live life on a daily basis fully congruent with who you know you are capable of being, and to have a powerful living experience.

Do you ever feel like the subject line to this article – that you just need to suck it up, pull up your big girl panties, and power through the day?

I mean, if you do this enough, you’ll get all those things on your to-do list done, right?

I’d like to share a story with you.

This is a story of a woman with seven children. She homeschooled them, made all the food from scratch, gardened, drove the kids to scout meetings, play rehearsals, soccer practice – all those things that a good mother is supposed to do, right?

Each day she would wake up before everyone else to make sure she got a start on breakfast and that all the materials were ready for their day. She’d check the calendar to double check she was ready for any appointments or outside activities.

And guess what – there was nothing on that calendar that allowed her even five minutes for herself.

Now, it’s not that this woman didn’t love her children and spending time with them. It gave her great joy to be a part of their growth and learning.

But one day she had a hard time getting out of bed. She had to ask a neighbor to come help with the younger children, and the older children pitched in, too. This went on for several days, until she could get the oomph to drag herself through the day again.

She learned a lesson at that time. That she needed to make sure she spent some time connecting with herself each day. She marked in her schedule to make sure it was done – first thing. It made the day much brighter she found.

That woman was me. And I want to let you know that you don’t have to just power through each day.

It’s one thing to charge forth into your day – as long as it’s after you have given yourself a few moments to breathe and check in with yourself that day. Are the things on your to-do list really what you should be doing that day?

These moments in the day could be the most important for you to feed your health, because when you feed your emotions, you’re also making way to feed and nurture yourself physically. And what a wonderful example that is, not only for your children, but all the other people around you.

Every day you wake up, you have the chance to show up in your own life. Each day, as you make your list of things to do, it usually involves wanting something more: more prosperity, more joy, more connection, more freedom, more impact, and more passion, to name a few.

But what you really want at a deeper level, I think, is to discover and tap into who you really are. To discover the depth of power and resources that exist, not outside of yourself, but within. To live life on a daily basis fully congruent with who you know you are capable of being, and to have a powerful living experience.

Each day you wake up you can learn how to unravel the layers of misunderstandings and the patterns of unintelligent thinking that are the only thing covering up the energy, confidence, courage, love, purpose, gifts, talents, and destiny that is already inside of you. Each day you wake up you can learn how to leave behind the limitations that you have been unconsciously placing on yourself, and then you can step boldly and powerfully into the future that you were destined for – and deserve.

Everyone comes to this day – this life – with something they really want to learn, shift, breakthrough, change, or create. Take a moment to reflect on what brought you here, and the outcomes that you are looking to achieve, the clarity that you’d like to attain, or the wisdom that you want to obtain by the conclusion of this one day. What is it that you really want? What is it that you are committed to, both for yourself and the people you love?

Discover more ways you can choose to live in a beautiful state when you sign up for my three-part video series. Each action is only a decision a way.


Lynn is a patient, but curious, explorer, who believes anything is possible if you can see and feel it for yourself. You can live a life connected with yourself, grounded in the truth of who you are. She has been on the journey herself, so knows the road signs to look for. But now, as the mother of seven and grandmother to five currently, she has created a full and fun life. With certifications in Nutritional Endocrinology, Digestive Mastery, Insulin Resistance, and Transpersonal Energy Healing, Lynn feels that she has been shown more pieces of the puzzle and shifts in the kaleidoscope of life. While this all sounds good, know that with all the tools she has to lift you up, it includes practical tips that you can apply to your daily life. While she may share some ideas that might take you out of your comfort zone, she will never push you to a place of discomfort. You can learn more about Lynn at her website:

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