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Meraki Of Self - I Am The Miracle

By Pattie Sadler

"I believe that playing small does not serve anyone, least of all ourselves. We were created to create. We were meant to make a difference in this world and find joy in serving others."

How many men or women do you know who have endured a lifelong use of methamphetamine and domestic abuse and lived to tell it?

Ninety-Five percent of all families in the United States of America are affected by addiction, whether it be by drug abuse itself, or that of a family member. Drug abuse does not just affect the user; it compounds its ugly head upon anyone close to that addict. It will cause all kinds of dysfunctions in the family structure stemming to divorce, domestic abuse, elderly abuse, child abuse, and suicide. A high percentage of addicts involved with domestic abuse are unsuccessful at attempts to escape the reality that they have found themselves in.

The truth about this phenomenon is that resources are needed worldwide for education and hope in a world where so many are suffering. Literally, billions of people worldwide are afflicted, seemingly drowning in the shadows of their sickness while family members are afraid for their loved one’s lives.

But, hey, I am looking at YOU. The decision to choose yourself over all others realizing that you are deserving of a life that contributes to the world is the first step to taking on your life. Are you tired of living under the control of your past choices and other desires? The decision to choose to love yourself can give way to the discovery that we truly can create what we deeply desire.

The Meraki of choosing your worth and sharing your story will lead to a passionate journey. I wish to share the formula of choosing ONESELF as a passion. That very choice can change the world.

Once we realize that we are miracles manifest and divinely destined for greatness, we can take on the truth of who we are. That is when we can decide to create success for ourselves. Once we decide to make a mighty transformation is when the journey begins. Success lies just on the other side of it. It is within your reach as soon as you realize your worth.

Success really is not determined by the amount of money one has or the material gifts that have been acquired. Success is the actual ability to be impassioned about something specific and create an empire around that desire. Although entrepreneurship is possible on so many levels, we still need to provide for our family and physical needs. Making money should be fun and can be, if we incorporate what we truly love and find a way to give it to the world as a gift to create better results.

Let’s tear down the grid. Let’s look at society in another light and realize there are many creative ways to become an entrepreneur and create a lovely life, and income from doing what we love. There are no boundaries unless we believe in them. There are no limitations unless we limit ourselves.

It does not take money to become an entrepreneur all the time. Yes. Money would be nice. But with passion, desire, hard work, and determination, one can create ANYTHING if you believe that it is possible.

I have broken down the fascination of building a personal empire and creating entrepreneurship in your life to 6 steps. I would like to briefly share these points with you and hope you will be motivated to find your way into this fascinating lifestyle you can create on your own.

1- Find a passion, interest, a purpose, or talent that could lift others up. These could all be combined into one category. For instance, I have a passion for the human experience, I love to write, my cause is to uplift women globally to realize their potential and I have a talent for motivating others and making people smile. All these qualities that I have are my very own and they are special to me. They build a foundation from that which I love. By finding the qualities that bring me joy and enable me to offer services and kindness to others, I have found a passion that I can build on. The passion that I have is to help others and create sunshine in their lives.

2- Make use of your talents. Offer service where you are able. Be willing to give of your talents to others to lift them up. Find out that by doing so you are creating joy in your life. Learn that you can make a difference and that you can change lives. Using your talents will give you the confidence and ability to create that which you desire. By sharing what you have you will come to believe in yourself and realize that what you have to offer is of great worth.

3- Get Clarity in all areas of your life. Your life is complete by 5 areas that need to be balanced. Consider your health, your spirituality, your personal development, your personal relationships, and your financial and career development.

These five areas need to be balanced in a way that you are clear in the very direction you wish to go. Some get personal coaching, some use journaling and writing to express their plan, while others find information online and gather it up to create their success. Find programs that will give you the personal development or coaching you need to create this vision to happen.

There are many resources available these days to help you put everything together and meditate and get clarity on your plan of action. Once you have that clarity, you can create an empire beyond your own limitations.

4- Your mind believes what it is told. Take time to meditate daily, create on paper how you would like to see your life turn out, what you would like to improve on and goals you would like to achieve. Feed yourself with positive influence all around you. Avoid negative thoughts and actions and change your responses to be that of a positive nature.

Write down the things you want to create as if you have already created them and read them daily. Ponder and pray over these things you wish to create, and you will find inspiration all around you.

5- Envision your dream and own it. Once you have put into practice your talents, giving back to others and gaining the confidence, being clear with all five categories in your life, take that clarity and take on your life. If you are good at something make it yours and BRAND it. Go and create business cards to affirm that which you are creating. Start putting things in motion as that is who you are becoming.

If you are starting a business to consult others, create a business card that states that you are a consultant and what your specialty of consultation is. If you are beginning a project in form of a gift to the world, state your talent in form of a title and own that title. Share with others your excitement for that which you are creating and motivate others to get involved. Believe in yourself and take it on. You are the only one who can own this creative effort. Once an entrepreneur, always one and to become one means you are already creative.

6- Make it happen. Share your ideas, network with theirs, and create a LinkedIn account and other forms of social media to connect with others doing the same. Choose your associations wisely and associate with the kinds of people you wish to be like. Advertise your services and make it known what you are doing. Remember that your talent and ability to help others is worth something and charge for your services. There are many ways to claim an income doing what you love. People are hungry to become more and develop in their life. They are hungry for your services and in need of your services.

Believe in yourself, contact and get the word out and you may be surprised at what you have already done.

Lastly, I would like to invite you to consider an idea that has given me the opportunity to brand myself in ways I never imagined. Remember that money is not the motivator. Giving to the world and creating gifts and doing what you love is. Following your dreams and passions should be the goal. The bonus is the money we create. It allows us to contribute to society, sustain and provide for our families and offer better quality of life, not only for ourselves but for all who come into our circle.

I believe that playing small does not serve anyone and least of all ourselves. We were created to create. We were meant to make a difference in this world and find joy in serving others. We were also endowed with responsibilities to contribute our talents and provide for our earthly needs. There is no reason why you shouldn’t believe that you are able to create anything your heart desires. So be fierce, entrepreneur warriors.

Become your own miracle and change the world!


President NLC Publishing, Talk Show Host for The Pattie Sadler Show, CEO of New Life Clarity Project, Board Member SOAR Non-Profit Organization, loves to support others in their success. An international speaker and publisher, she also is an advocate for women transitioning from domestic violence and drug abuse. She studied at Brigham Young University and Utah State University in areas of English, French, and Music.

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